We construct cohesive, secure
and reliable IT systems.

We have been present on the Polish IT market for over 30 years.

On the IT market since 1988

From the beginning we have worked in the field of large IT systems and computer networks.
Our extensive experience gained in these fields during over 30 years of business has enabled us to reach a high position on the market of IT services.
We have been appreciated both by our customers and by well known manufacturers of computer hardware and software.

ISO 9001:2015

In 2005 we have implemented a quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. The system is still being maintained.

Knowledge and experience

We have obtained our knowledge and experience during over 30 years of conducting business on the Polish IT market

Professional services

Since 2001 we have been conducting our business in our own, brand new, well-equipped office building

What do we do?

Design, implementation and integration of IT systems

We are designing and implementing complete IT systems. At the customers’ request we provide hardware and software.

Security of IT systems

We provide our customers with comprehensive services for ensuring the security of IT and telecommunications systems.

Designing and construction of structural cabling systems

We design and construct structural cabling systems and separate electrical systems.

Specialised training and practical workshops

We conduct training and practical workshops for the devices, software and systems we offer.

Our advantages

The knowledge and experience we have obtained during over 30 years of business on the Polish IT market allow us to provide our customers with a very wide range of services. We suggest solutions which best suit the current and predicted needs.


Professional services

We make use of the state of the art technologies and we cooperate with the largest global manufacturers in order to provide our customers with world-class services.
The extensive experience obtained by our employees, the graduates of the best technical universities, supported by knowledge obtained during multiple specialist training courses has enabled us to achieve a high position on the IT services market.

The high quality of provided services has been appreciated by our customers and by independent companies, which have awarded us with multiple awards and distinctions. The ISO 9001 quality management system which is maintained and successively developed since May of 2005 confirms the highest quality of provided services

AdvaCom implementations

Selected examples of the multiple IT systems implemented by AdvaCom.

Dalkia backup DataCenter

In 2009 AdvaCom has finished the performance of a large IT project related to the design, delivery, installation and implementation of a backup DataCenter for Dalkia Polska (currently Veolia).

Beyond DataCenter

AdvaCom has actively participated in the drawing up of a concept and design of the Beyond Data Center hosting center, located in the Shopping, Arts and Business Center “Old Brewery” in Poznań. We also provided structural cabling for this DataCenter.

CHBiS “Old Brewery” structural cabling

The Shopping, Arts and Business Center “Old Brewery” in Poznań is a distinctive facility in the center of Poznań, with multiple awards. AdvaCom has designed and constructed the entirety of the structural cabling for the “Old Brewery” building complex.


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