First ISO 9001 certificate

First ISO 9001 certificate 150 150 AdvaCom

New headquarters

New headquarters 150 150 AdvaCom

1998 — IBM Business Partner — Solution Provider

1998 — IBM Business Partner — Solution Provider 150 150 AdvaCom

The IBM company has awarded us the IBM Business Partner — Solution Provider title in 1998. The partnership with IBM is still being maintained, based on subsequent agreements with the IBM company.

3Com Gold Partner

3Com Gold Partner 150 150 AdvaCom

The first certificate for networking devices AdvaCom has obtained from the 3Com company in 1995. It was a 3Com Authorized Networking Partner certificate. During the next years, we have received 3Com Authorized Solution Partner certificates, and since 2001 until the 3Com company was acquired by Hewlett Packard in 2010, we had the highest level certificate of 3Com Gold Partner.

HP Preferred Partner GOLD

HP Preferred Partner GOLD 150 150 AdvaCom

AdvaCom has been working with Hewlett Packard since 1995, within the field of networking devices, among others. Since 2010, the year when the 3Com company was acquired by Hewlett Packard, the cooperation has advanced significantly.  AdvaCom was on the 3rd place in Poland in the sale of HP Networking solutions in 2010.

Novell Systems House

Novell Systems House 150 150 AdvaCom

We have obtained our first authorization from Novell in 1994. It was the highest certificate in hierarchy, Novell System House. We have obtained it by multiple deployments of the Novell NetWare network operating system.

It should be noted that a NetWare SFT software-based mirror server system deployed by our company has operated reliably with one of our customers with no changes for about 10 years.

After 2000 we have obtained the titles of Novell System Partner, Novell Business Partner and Novell Silver Partner. 

Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Partner 150 150 AdvaCom

Microsoft has granted us our first authorization in 1993. It was a title of Microsoft Partner. Since the beginning of this century we have been granted the title of Microsoft Certified Partner. Additionally, due to the performance of large deployments based on Microsoft Server Software, we have also received Microsoft Advanced Infrastructure Solution and Microsoft Network Infrastructure Solution authorizations.

SCO Authorized Partner

SCO Authorized Partner 150 150 AdvaCom

In 1992 for the first time we have obtained authorization from SCO, the creator of SCO Unix, SCO UnixWare and SCO Open Server software. We had the title of SCO Authorized Partner for the entire period SCO was present on the IT market.

Creation of AdvaCom

Creation of AdvaCom 150 150 AdvaCom

Registration data

Przedsiębiorstwo Informatyczne AdvaCom Sp. z o.o.
61-001 Poznań, ul. Zawady 33
NIP: 779-00-00-043, Regon: 001317584, KRS: 0000104871

Rejestracja: Sąd Rejonowy Poznań – Nowe Miasto i Wilda w Poznaniu,
VIII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego,
Rejestr Przedsiębiorców
Kapitał zakładowy: 108.000,00 zł

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