Designing of IT systems

We design complete IT systems. We use requirements analysis to help in the selection of the most advantageous solutions, which meet the current needs and enable successive expansion as the demands rise.

We select computer hardware and software, networking devices and security systems. We draw up cost estimates of the proposed solutions. We prepare procedures related to system implementation.

IT systems deployment and integration

We perform the deployment of new IT systems and expansion of existing IT systems. We deliver and install hardware and software. We use many elements, frequently coming from various manufacturers, to create cohesive, effective and reliable IT systems, adapted to the current needs of our customers and ensuring easy scalability as the requirements increase. After the deployment is finished, we provide servicing for the IT systems of our customers.

We provide equipment to data centres and server rooms, installation and configuration of software necessary for the operation of IT systems, installation and deployment of networking devices and information security systems. We implement virtualization and cloud solutions based systems.

Security of IT systems

In the constructed IT systems we place special emphasis on ensuring the security of information collected by our customers. We install systems with server clusters, drive arrays and data archiving systems.

We also ensure protection against threats resulting from accessing computer networks, including the Internet. We take into account protection against intrusions and unauthorised use of the LAN network. authentication of users in order to differentiate network rights, traffic monitoring, virus protection and secure communication using a VPN.

Designing and construction of structural cabling

We design structural cabling systems and separate electrical systems. We have the authorization for the designing, constructing and providing many years of warranty for cabling systems for most significant manufacturers, including Molex, Reichle&DeMassari, Systimax.

As part of structural cabling systems, we construct computer and phone networks, CCTV systems, access control systems, general and secured power systems with uninterruptible power supplies.

Specialised training and practical workshops

We conduct specialised training and practical workshops for the devices, software and systems we offer.

The training is conducted by our employees and by representatives of manufacturers and distributors.

The courses take place in a very well equipped training room located at the company premises.

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