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AdvaCom was granted authorizations by multiple important manufacturers of servers, computers, mass storage devices and peripherals.

One of the conditions for obtaining these authorizations was the participation of the AdvaCom employees in many technical training courses. The level of knowledge obtained during these tests enabled us to offer solutions best adapted to the customer’s requirements and to participate in the most complex deployments.

Hewlett Packard Preferred Partner

We have obtained our first authorization from Hewlett Packard in 1995. It was the Hewlett Packard Authorized Reseller title. Since 2001 to 2006 we had the Hewlett Packard Business Partner status. Whereas in 2007 we have obtained the prestigious Hewlett Packard Preferred Partner status. After the division of the company into HP Inc. and HPE we now possess authorizations from both companies. We offer an entire range of products: servers, mass storage and network devices from HPE, and workstations, notebooks, plotters, printers and other peripherals from HP Inc.

IBM Business Partner – Solution Provider

The IBM company has awarded us the IBM Business Partner — Solution Provider title in 1998. This title is still in force, based on subsequent agreements with the IBM company.

Dell Registered Partner.

Since 2006 we offer computer hardware from Dell. We provide their servers, workstations, notebooks, mass storage and printers. We currently have the status of Dell Registered Partner.

UPS uninterruptible power supplies are a separate group of devices that we offer. We deliver and install power supplies with a wide range of power and operating time — from small devices used to supply individual computers to massive supplies used in data centres.

APC Reliability Provider Partner

We have received the APC Reliability Provider Partner title from the APC company. We have received this title by implementing multiple guaranteed power supply system based on APC and Silcon supplies.

Eaton Power Quality Authorized Partner

The Eaton company has granted us an Eaton Power Quality Authorized Partner title for the PowerWare brand UPS supplies.

Our offer also includes computer hardware from such manufacturers as Lenovo, Toshiba, Quantum, Sepaton, WYSE, EMC and many others.

You can view the gallery of authorization certificates we have received from computer hardware manufacturers.

Computer hardware certificates

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