Structural cabling systems

Reliability guarantee

AdvaCom has been constructing computer network cabling since its beginnings. We work with all the important manufacturers of cabling systems, who have granted us multiple authorizations for the design and installation of cabling systems and for providing long-term guarantees, reinsured by the manufacturer of the given system.

Certificates of authorized Krone cabling system installers and designers

Since 1999 the employees of AdvaCom have annually renewed certificates of authorized Krone cabling system installers and designers. They also have the right to provide a 20 year reliability guarantee for the constructed installation. Many of the installations we have constructed have received such a guarantee, reinsured by the cabling system manufacturer.

Authorization from Molex company (formerly Mod-Tap)

The Molex company (formerly Mod-Tap) have granted us their first authorization in 1994, the first year this company was present on the Polish market. Since this time the authorization was extended multiple times, and AdvaCom has constructed many structural cabling systems based on the components supplied by this company.

Authorization granted by Reichle & deMassari

The Reichle & deMassari company has granted us their first authorization in 2001. This authorization is successively being renewed. We have the authorization to design and construct structural cabling systems in the R&M system and to provide the constructed systems with a reliability guarantee reinsured by the manufacturer. This year we have received a commemorative statuette as a reward for many years of cooperation, in recognition of the quality of the systems constructed by our company.

Authorization granted by CommScope

The CommScope company has granted us in 2008 the authorization to design and construct Systimax cabling systems.

License granted by CobiNet

The CobiNet company has granted us in 2010 a license to design, supervise and construct CobiNet TopLink cabling systems and to provide them with a 25 year reliability guarantee.

In addition to the aforementioned systems, we also have authorizations from other structural cabling systems, including Eltra, Emiter, FMT, Schrack and others.

You can view the gallery of authorization certificates we have received from structural cabling system manufacturers.

Certificates for structural cabling systems

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